Common Uses of a Stove

In the dark, cold days of fall and winter a fireplace or stove is the center piece of your home. Now that there are dozens of varieties on the market, there is no better time to adopt the stove lifestyle. Due to its various uses, an electric, wood or gas stove offers many benefits throughout the year.

• Heating the space you’re using, not the entire house. A stove allows you to warm up the room you’re using, without wasting forced air or radiated heating to warm up the entire house unnecessarily.

• Heating or cooking food.Depending upon the model, you may be able to heat or cook food on top of the stove. Some models are not built with this function, to maintain safety, but those that are can provide solace when the power is out.

• Add ambiance and warmth to your home. A fireplace stove adds the beauty and classic look of a fireplace in a contained, safe unit. The result is beautiful and ambient without being difficult to maintain and messy.

For those looking to add heat and style to their homes while maintaining a modern lifestyle, a stove is the answer. To learn more about options for your home, including converting a wood fireplace with a gas fireplace insert, check out options in La Mesa on this website.

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Sophisticated and Sleek

A classic fireplace framed by a mantel with tiered molding and detailed corbels lends sophistication to the clean lines of this room. A simple stone hearth in gray unifies the fireplace with the beautiful wood flooring.

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How to Save Money by Installing a Pellet Stove

With homeowners staring in disbelief at utility bills each winter, new sources of heat are becoming increasingly more important to sustain a certain level of comfort without astronomical costs. Fortunately, pellet stoves are gaining popularity on the market, causing many people to completely convert traditional heating systems in the interest of saving money.

Warm Living Spaces More Efficiently

When it comes to conserving energy, pellet stoves are one of the cleanest, most efficient forms of heat besides electric furnaces. As a matter of fact, these appliances are regulated through the use of electricity too, contributing to the overall affordability of heating large spaces. Not only do pellet stoves carefully controlling internal temperatures, but they are also known for minimizing the escape of warm air, successfully directing heat into the desired areas of your home.

Spend Less on Fuel for Your Home

In terms of fueling for your home, pellet stoves also save you a significant amount of money through the use of recycled resources that are much less expensive than propane or oil. As a result, homeowners typically notice an immediate difference in the cost of supplies that originate from renewable materials or waste. If you are considering a pellet stove in La Mesa, visit this website for more information.

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The Five Key Ways Pellet Stoves Are Better For The Environment

There are five key ways that pellet stoves are better for the environment than many of the alternatives. If you are looking for a new stove system, it is worth looking at pellet stoves.

Traditional wood burning stoves have a rustic appeal that also lets homeowners maintain a sense of control over their fuel sourcing and consumption. They also produce a lot of emissions, which can affect both indoor and outdoor air quality around your property, as well as your overall carbon footprint. Luckily, the development of efficient pellet stoves has led to a revolution in home heating. Pellet stoves are quite a bit less expensive to operate, on average, than wood burning stoves, and the pellets used as fuel provide several environmental advantages.

The first thing to keep in mind when computing a furnace or stove’s environmental impact is to weigh the environmental costs of the fuel. While gas-burning furnaces and electric heating often produce lower emissions in your immediate area than solid-fuel furnaces, they also involve relying on energy sources that are often non-renewable and that require steadily increasing amounts of work to refine.

When you also consider the fact that pellets are not only renewable, but they are easy to manufacture and source locally, you find even more emission savings in the overall life cycle of pellet furnaces. Add to that the fact that the material from the pellets can be reclaimed from recycled paper, wood, and corn fibers, and it becomes apparent that pellet stoves can also help to reclaim energy from material that would otherwise sit in a landfill.

Pellet stoves also typically use less construction materials than the alternatives, because they require less extensive ducting and installation work than most of their counterparts. This further reduces their material footprint overall, and leads to their lifetime savings for both your household and the environment more generally.

Finally, pellet stoves produce far less emissions than wood burning alternatives, and what they do produce burns cleaner so that there is far less indoor and outdoor impact on your immediate environment. Most pellet stoves give off no discernable smoke smell when they are maintained correctly, and their design makes them more efficient at extracting the most energy possible from the fuel you provide.

Overall, fuel quality can also add more benefits to your pellet stove experience, so it is worthwhile to try out a few manufacturers. That way, you can gain even more advantages by pairing your pellet stove with the fuel it uses most efficiently. With a variety of suppliers and more popping up every day, now is the time to invest in a home heating solution that allows you to control where your fuel comes from and how much you pay for it while still helping to improve the environment for others. To learn more about pellet stoves and the environment, or to research more about pellet inserts in San Diego, check out this website.

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There’s No Place Like Home

There’s no doubt modern designs can look beautiful, but a classic fireplace conveys the warm feeling of home that no glass structure can compete with. Simple yet charming, brick and mortar can give a rustic feel without seeming outdated.

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The 2 Steps to Finding the Perfect Fireplace for You

Whether you’re building your dream home, remodeling a fixer-upper or simply need to do some home repairs, shopping for a new fireplace can be headache-inducing. With so many options, it’s tough to know where to start. Follow these two steps and take the stress out of finding the perfect fireplace for you:

  1. Choose Your Type: The first order of business is selecting between the two most common types of fireplaces: wood or gas. Some of this decision will depend on what your home was first built for and if you’ll have access to natural gas. If neither of these things will hinder your choice, then the sky is the limit.

Even though gas fireplaces tend to cost more to install and to run, they are an excellent choice for those wanting to simply flick a switch for warmth. With a wood-burning fireplace, you can get the authentic, crackling-fire experience in the comfort of your own home. While it doesn’t come with the higher price tag of a gas fireplace, keeping wood on hand and your hearth clean from ash and soot can get tiresome.

  1. Pick your Hearth: When deciding upon a fireplace, a large portion of that is designing the surround. The best way to choose your hearth is to look at the room it’s going into. If it’s going into a rustic cabin, a hearty, solid stone would tie into the feel. In a more modern home, a glass tile gives that contemporary look you crave.

With these two steps, you can keep the stress levels to a minimum and easily decide upon the ideal fireplace for you. To learn more about the modern fireplaces, visit a fireplace showroom in San Diego online here.

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Why Going Green is the Best Thing to do for Your Home

You don’t have to live off the grid and free of your favorite home comforts to attain an eco-friendly lifestyle. It’s a change that’s actually easier than you think if you have the right appliances….read more

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