The Benefits of Choosing a Wood Burning Stove

Cold weather brings fun outdoor activities like sledding, ice fishing and enjoying fall and winter flora and fauna. After a day, or even just a few minutes, outside, there is a certain joy in curling up around your fireplace and thawing out while you enjoy the flames. A wood burning stove is a great bet to keep you and your family nice and toasty.

• Wood stoves are more efficient than an open fireplace. An open fire is beautiful, but the lack of containment means that most of the heat escapes through the chimney. A wood stove contains the heat and releases it into your home, not the outdoors.

• The enclosure makes them safer. An open fireplace allows sparks and bits of hot wood to pop out. A single connection with a rug could start a fire and a child could easily be hurt.

• Wood is more romantic and ambient than gas or electricity. A wood burning stove is beautiful to look at with the natural crackle and lovely flames. Gas and electric models try to recreate this look, but fall short in authenticity.

In order to create the classic beauty and charm of a fireplace without the danger and low efficiency, consider a wood burning stove. For more information about the models available for wood burning stove in San Diego, this website can help.


About justinparkerca

Justin is an experienced interior designer/decorator.
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