Reasons Why Electric Fireplaces Beat the Rest

When frosty weather starts to roll in, the warm, inviting glow of a fireplace beckons the world indoors. As you look to escape the chill you may be wondering whether a wood burning, gas or electric option would be best. Although every sort of flame has its value, an electric fireplace outpaces the others by leaps and bounds.

• Electric units are easy to install. Typically these bad boys simply plug-in to a 120V outlet, making installation a snap. If your home is not already equipped with a hearth and chimney, you can purchase a free standing electric stove or a furniture style fireplace that will give you the look and warmth you want without a pricey remodel.

• Don’t mess with the cost of gas or wood. An electric fireplace doesn’t require a constant supply of wood or gas. This perk keeps operational costs low while still supplying heat and a beautiful look.

• Maintenance is nonexistent. A wood burning fireplace requires cleaning of both the hearth and the chimney as well as flue checks to ensure safety. Broken bricks will require masonry work and in general they are an upkeep nightmare. An electric unit doesn’t require any care at all.

For anyone who wants the warmth and classic look of a fireplace but wants to avoid extra costs and effort, an electric fireplace is the best choice. To learn more about electric fireplace in La Mesa, visit this website.


About justinparkerca

Justin is an experienced interior designer/decorator.
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