The Most Important Tools and Accessories for Fireplaces

A fireplace provides natural warmth and a place for the whole family to get together when the temperature dips. A fireplace, though, also requires regular maintenance during and after use. There are a few essential accessories you will need to keep the area tidy and ready for the next use.

Essential Items

  • Fireplace bellows – Bellows delivers air to the fire and keeps it burning more consistently for longer periods.
  • Fireplace pokers – When the wood is almost completely burned, it turns into small lumps of coal-like substance. A poker is used to spread the coals to keep it hot and burning.
  • Chimney brushes and rods – The fireplace as well as the chimney will be full of creosote after use. Excess creosote can spark a chimney fire; use brushes and rods to clean the interior as part of a regular maintenance program.
  • Andirons – These metal rods are used to hold the logs in place and keep them from slipping out of the fireplace while they’re burning. Some of these rods come in the shape of animals and also have a decorative element to them.
  • Fireplace guard screens – This is an essential safety feature that prevents burning embers from shooting out. Guard screens also keep the fire hot by preventing heat from escaping.

A Fireplace Is not Complete Without the Essentials

If you plan on using your fireplace, then you need the right accessories to go with it to keep the area maintained both during on and off-season use. To acquire these items, please visit this website to check out the fireplace accessories in San Diego.


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