7 Tips to Keep Your Fireplace Going all Night

A fireplace is a great evening gathering place for the whole family for those chilly months. Of course, some maintenance is required to keep the fire going all night; otherwise the fire will die down, and your family will be left at the mercy of the cold.

Follow These Tips

  1. Opt for hardwood varieties like birch, maple, or oak. They are known for burning hotter and longer.
  2. Install a heat-proof glass door. Aside from being a safety feature that keeps live embers from shooting out, it also keeps the fire going by preventing the heat from escaping.
  3. When stacking the wood into the fireplace, make sure there is ample space between the logs to allow for proper airflow.
  4. Always use dry logs with low moisture content.
  5. Place the wood on top of a graft to improve ventilation. This allows oxygen to flow more freely.
  6. Keep a steady flow of air going into the fire. This can be done by using a fireplace bellow or simply fanning the fire with a paper dinner plate.
  7. Add more kindling and tinder to the fire once the wood has become almost entirely charcoal. Also be sure to move the charcoals around with a poker.

Simple Steps Keep the Fire Going

By following the steps outlined above, the fire should last as long as you intend for it to keep going. Do be sure to use all safety precautions when handling fire. Alternatively, you may also buy gas burning stoves in La Mesa here at this website.


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Justin is an experienced interior designer/decorator.
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