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The Five Key Ways Pellet Stoves Are Better For The Environment

There are five key ways that pellet stoves are better for the environment than many of the alternatives. If you are looking for a new stove system, it is worth looking at pellet stoves. Traditional wood burning stoves have a … Continue reading

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There’s No Place Like Home

There’s no doubt modern designs can look beautiful, but a classic fireplace conveys the warm feeling of home that no glass structure can compete with. Simple yet charming, brick and mortar can give a rustic feel without seeming outdated.

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The 2 Steps to Finding the Perfect Fireplace for You

Whether you’re building your dream home, remodeling a fixer-upper or simply need to do some home repairs, shopping for a new fireplace can be headache-inducing. With so many options, it’s tough to know where to start. Follow these two steps … Continue reading

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Why Going Green is the Best Thing to do for Your Home

You don’t have to live off the grid and free of your favorite home comforts to attain an eco-friendly lifestyle. It’s a change that’s actually easier than you think if you have the right appliances….read more

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The Most Important Tools and Accessories for Fireplaces

A fireplace provides natural warmth and a place for the whole family to get together when the temperature dips. A fireplace, though, also requires regular maintenance during and after use. There are a few essential accessories you will need to … Continue reading

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Towering Inferno

Call it fine art or funky fashion, this wood-burning stove is anything but ordinary. Either way, it’s a definite conversation piece. Appropriate in a modern home or the French countryside, it makes keeping warm something to talk about.

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7 Tips to Keep Your Fireplace Going all Night

A fireplace is a great evening gathering place for the whole family for those chilly months. Of course, some maintenance is required to keep the fire going all night; otherwise the fire will die down, and your family will be … Continue reading

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