The Irreplaceable Wood Fireplace

Other kinds of fireplaces can’t touch the cozy and romantic ambiance of having a traditional, wood fireplace in the home. Also, having a fireplace that doesn’t burn real wood is just something that many people cannot imagine. You may be one of them.

Less Dependent on the Utility Company

As electricity bills continue to increase a little bit more every year, people are turning to the fireplace, as a primary heating source in their home. Most people find that it costs less to buy firewood than it does paying for utilities that are dependent on fossil fuels as their source. As such, fireplaces provide a way to not have to lean so much on the utility company.

Stay Snug as a Bug When the Power Goes Out

Furthermore, when winter storms hit, it’s not uncommon to lose electricity. But with a fireplace, you’ll still have lots of light with the added benefit of staying warm. Those who don’t, however, are usually freezing cold until the utility company has had time to fix the power lines.

Last but not least, the latest wood fireplaces are:

• Able to distribute heat using existing ductwork throughout the home
• Extremely efficient, producing enough heat to warm your entire home

Visit this website to read more about the benefits of a wood fireplace in La Mesa.

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Reasons Why Electric Fireplaces Beat the Rest

When frosty weather starts to roll in, the warm, inviting glow of a fireplace beckons the world indoors. As you look to escape the chill you may be wondering whether a wood burning, gas or electric option would be best. Although every sort of flame has its value, an electric fireplace outpaces the others by leaps and bounds.

• Electric units are easy to install. Typically these bad boys simply plug-in to a 120V outlet, making installation a snap. If your home is not already equipped with a hearth and chimney, you can purchase a free standing electric stove or a furniture style fireplace that will give you the look and warmth you want without a pricey remodel.

• Don’t mess with the cost of gas or wood. An electric fireplace doesn’t require a constant supply of wood or gas. This perk keeps operational costs low while still supplying heat and a beautiful look.

• Maintenance is nonexistent. A wood burning fireplace requires cleaning of both the hearth and the chimney as well as flue checks to ensure safety. Broken bricks will require masonry work and in general they are an upkeep nightmare. An electric unit doesn’t require any care at all.

For anyone who wants the warmth and classic look of a fireplace but wants to avoid extra costs and effort, an electric fireplace is the best choice. To learn more about electric fireplace in La Mesa, visit this website.

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Unique Accessories Give Electric Fireplace Character

This electric fireplace gets old-world appeal with a stone surround against a brick wall. Unique touches like the ram’s horn candle holders and carved wood moose give it loads of character, and candles crank up the ambience.

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Encourage Family Gatherings With a Great Outdoor Kitchen

While a sunny afternoon is all that’s required for a fun family barbecue, many homeowners enjoy the novelty of outdoor kitchens in the privacy of their own backyard. If you are considering one of these unique household features, the following benefits will prove it is well worth the investment.

Entertaining Outdoor Space

The most obvious reason to install an outdoor kitchen is to facilitate interaction between the guests and the chef. Not only can you entertain while cooking, but it also helps create a more defined area for parties or other social gatherings throughout the year.

Healthy and Delicious Food

When it comes to spending time with family or friends, it is only natural to want to provide delicious meals made by your own hand. This can be easily accomplished through the use of a grill in an outdoor kitchen, resulting in tasty, less greasy foods that cannot be duplicated with a traditional stove.

Lessens Stress and Mess

As far as cleanup, outdoor kitchens provide the ultimate level of convenience by limiting the amount of messy cooking inside your home. This allows you to spend more time with your family instead of scrubbing cookware or wiping dirty countertops. If you are interested in outdoor kitchens in San Diego, visit this website for more details.

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Stone Surround for Wood Stove

Natural stone makes a great background for a wood stove. In addition to being fire resistant, stone will absorb heat and radiate it back into your home even after the fire is out.

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The Benefits of Choosing a Wood Burning Stove

Cold weather brings fun outdoor activities like sledding, ice fishing and enjoying fall and winter flora and fauna. After a day, or even just a few minutes, outside, there is a certain joy in curling up around your fireplace and thawing out while you enjoy the flames. A wood burning stove is a great bet to keep you and your family nice and toasty.

• Wood stoves are more efficient than an open fireplace. An open fire is beautiful, but the lack of containment means that most of the heat escapes through the chimney. A wood stove contains the heat and releases it into your home, not the outdoors.

• The enclosure makes them safer. An open fireplace allows sparks and bits of hot wood to pop out. A single connection with a rug could start a fire and a child could easily be hurt.

• Wood is more romantic and ambient than gas or electricity. A wood burning stove is beautiful to look at with the natural crackle and lovely flames. Gas and electric models try to recreate this look, but fall short in authenticity.

In order to create the classic beauty and charm of a fireplace without the danger and low efficiency, consider a wood burning stove. For more information about the models available for wood burning stove in San Diego, this website can help.

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Fireplace Buying Guide: Fireplace Installations Like Never Before

For those of us living in colder climates, fireplace season has officially arrived! If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace, you’ve probably already snuggled up to it more than once. If you don’t have one, … more

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